A Special Delivery

My next story, A Special Delivery, is up for preorder everywhere! It’s a short story, an MM romance that happens during Christmas and features lots of snow, a fireplace, hot chocolate and an adorable dog.

I have to admit I was indulging myself when I wrote this; I wanted some Christmas fluff, so I decided to write it, and the story was born.

Here’s the cover, blurb and buy links:

Holiday-WinterSeason-ASpecialDelivery-f500Colin only meant to take a wrongly delivered package to a house a few streets over. But a sudden snowstorm leaves him with no option but to beg shelter from his unknown neighbour James. During the course of a long night, a cozy fire, a little hot chocolate and the snow outside conspire to draw the two men closer. But will their connection outlast the storm?

Buy links: NineStar Press / Amazon

You can also add it to Goodreads if that’s your thing.

And remember that you can get a 30% discount when you preorder for NineStar Press, using the code preorder.


Into the Mystic

As I’ve told you before, I have a story in the second volume of Into the Mystic, the lesbian/bisexual paranormal anthologies series NineStar Press is publishing. Have you seen the cover for this volume? It’s gorgeous!


There are ten stories in this anthology, each of them with a unique theme. My short, The Holy Company, takes place in Spain where the two main characters are doing a pilgrimage.  There, they will come face to face with a Spanish myth. I wrote this because mythology has always fascinated me, and that legend in particular always manages to make my hair stand on end. I hope you’ll like it, and I’ll look forward to hearing if it’s scared you!

Here’s a bit more of what you can expect from this story: it’s a friend to lovers romance, and one of the main characters is biromantic and demisexual.

So if paranormal romance and girls in love with other girls sound like something that would interest you, you can preorder the anthology here. You can also add it to Goodreads if that’s your thing. It’ll be out on October 16th.

I’ll be doing a few giveaways around release day, so watch this space!