Reading Highlights – October 2018

I know this post is a bit late, but I’ve been busy the first few days of November. Still, books are books, so I hope you enjoy it anyway!

First, I want to correct a mistake I made in September’s post: I forgot a book I’d really loved. Alyssa Cole’s A Duke by Default was an amazing romance set in Scotland with a grumpy hero and a very relatable heroine.

Now it’s time for the books I read in October. I read a lot of books for review over on Trans Book Reviews, and sadly most of those are not making it to this list. Trans people deserve better than that. But I did read a few books that I want to mention, so fasten your seatbelts and get your wallets ready!

Life Underwater, by Matthew J Metzger

This book gave me life. I adored it. It made me feel seen as an asexual and aromantic person, and I loved Ashraf so much I can’t even put it into words. It’s a quiet romance, but it’s the kind of relationship I love Reading about. Two characters who clearly love each other, who talk to each other, and who support each other through everything. If you’re looking for a good story with trans, agender, asexual and/or aromantic rep, pick this one up.

The Craft of Love, by EE Ottoman

The best Word I can think of to describe this romance is gentle. Because that’s exactly what it was. It’s a historical romance that doesn’t swipe trans people under the rug as if they didn’t exist before modern times. It’s a story of friendship, courtship and love. Love for each other, love for family members, love for their craft. It’s a gentle love story and I recommend to anyone looking for that.

Run in the Blood, by AE Ross

This was such a great fantasy! It was action packed, and I loved the worldbuilding. And it has dragons! It’s one of those books that leaves me hoping for a sequel, and AE Ross is working on one! So if you’re looking for a queer fantasy with lots of action and character developmetn, give this one a chance!

And that’s all for this month! What have you read that you’ve loved? And are you picking up any of these?


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