Book Birthday and Giveaway!

Into the Mystic, Volume Two came out today. This is the second time I’m celebrating a book birthday, and I’m doing so by telling you a bit more about my story in this anthology and setting up a giveaway so you can celebrate with me!

Here’s the blurb for my short story, The Holy Company:

Sophie curses the day she said yes to Anna’s idea of walking Saint James’s Way in Spain. She’s exhausted, and she doesn’t think she can keep her feelings for her a secret for much longer. But a day of rest soon turns into a nightmare when they come face-to-face with one of the local legends, and Sophie’s secret is no longer safe.

I had a lot of fun playing with this legend while writing. I’ve always found mythology to be fascinating, and I love discovering and learning about new myths and legends. This one wasn’t new for me, since I’d known about it even before I visited Galicia. But it was when I was visiting and walking around that I fell in love with the legend. More than one Spanish music group have written songs about this local myth, but I won’t bore you with those now – ask me about them if you’re curious, though!

When I started writing this short story something wasn’t working. I was eager to get to the part where the girls finally faced the legend, but the story wouldn’t flow. It was when I was 3k words in that I discovered why. I’d been writing it in third person and that wouldn’t do, since Sophie wanted to be the one telling their own story. So I went back and changed the POV, and the whole story came to life much easily that before. And then when I was halfway done Sophie decided to let me know she was demisexual, which made the story, and her relationship with Anna, made more sense. You can see this story was full of surprises for me, and that makes me hope it will surprise you too.

And now for the giveaway! I’m giving away a paperback copy of the anthology. Look at it; it’s gorgeous! Don’t you want one for your shelf? Entering is pretty easy: just comment on this post telling me about your favourite myth or legend. If you follow me on twitter (@LauraBailo) comment with your username and I’ll give you an extra entry. And don’t forget to add your email address so I can contact you if you win. I’ll choose a winner next Monday, October 23.



You can buy Into the Mystic, Volume Two at:

NineStar Press





13 thoughts on “Book Birthday and Giveaway!

  1. Happiest release day! I’m so glad this lovely story’s out in the world. ❤
    I love the idea of brownies–little fairies that live in your house and do favors in return for gifts you leave them. I like the mix of spookiness and politeness in the folklore. 😉


  2. maarjao

    Happy release day! I’m looking forward to reading your story and finding out what the legend is. 🙂

    My favourite legend is harder to figure out… I love Greek mythology, but I’m trying to give an example from Estonian myths. One of the things I love is leaving food on the table on Christmas Eve, for all the ancestors to come and have a feast during the night. It should sound creepy, but it isn’t at all, for some reason.


  3. Hamykia

    That cover is beautiful indeed.
    What a difficult question, though.
    I love legends and mythology, so it’s very hard to choose just one.
    I think, at the moment, it would be the legend of the selkies (the seals that can shed their skin and become human, but humans can steal it to make them stay with them) because I’ve found many retellings with queer selkies lately.


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  5. (Belated) Congratulations on your book birthday!!

    Ah, I have a ton of legends I like, but I’ll go with a Mexican one – La Llorona. There’s a couple of versions about who she is, but my favorite one is where she’s Malintzin (o Malinche), one of Hernán Cortés’s interpreters. In this one, she’s betrayed by Cortés after bearing his child; she feels doubly crossed because by then she would’ve already had a hand in aiding the conquistadores overrun the Aztec empire, so she would seek revenge on them.

    The main version, though, speaks of a woman named María who was betrayed by her beloved so she drowns her children in a river out of spite and filled with sorrow. She then cries at night, “¡Ay, mis hijos!” near rivers and lakes. The parallel with the version with Malintzin is that they’re both crying over lost children – one, about her biological children, the other about an entire civilization.


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