Book News: Cover and Blurb for The Sun Still Rises

Hello everyone! I get a rush everytime I share something about this book – my first one, I’m still finding it difficult to believe. I’m incredibly thankful to Dreamspinner Press for giving it – and me – a chance. I hope readers will do the same. I put a lot of myself in this story, and I think it shows, but I may be slightly biased.

I’m here today to show you the cover (although I’ve already shared it all over Social Media) and the blurb for The Sun Still Rises, which is being relased on May 17 from Dreamspinner Press. It’s part of their World of Love series, a series featuring love stories in various and different countries.

Here’s the cover, designed by the amazing Brooke Albrecht, who listened to all my comments and gave me this amazing final design.


And finally, here’s the blurb. I hope you it makes you as excited for this story as I am!

Erik’s father lived for Pamplona’s yearly festival and the running of the bulls. Now he’s gone, and Erik flies to Pamplona on a whim to see the festival his father loved—without booking a room first. He’s looking at sleeping on the ground until friendly David from the tourism office offers to share his home.

When Erik realizes he trusts David, that he might even be willing to face his anxiety to get to know David better, he begins to understand what this trip could mean. Pamplona is even more beautiful when seen through David’s eyes, and Erik might have traveled around the world just to find himself. But can he hold on to his newfound confidence—and to David—when it’s time to go home?

There’ll be giveaways coming once release date comes closer, so watch this space!


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