My 2016, or a post on new beginnings.

I’ve been thinking about writing something like this for a week now, but every time I opened a new tab to do it I couldn’t write one word. I kept telling myself “who could be interested in reading about what you’ve done?”   But then I realised that this year has meant a lot to me, and that I could benefit for putting it all together here, even if no one else reads it. So here I go.

The name of this post is pretty self-explanatory; this year has been a year of new beginnings for me. That doesn’t mean everything has been good, but today I want to focus on the positives.

I was diagnosed with anxiety. And yeah, maybe this doesn’t sound like a good thing, but ever since I started taking the correct (at least correct for me) medication I’ve felt more myself, and there have been days when I’ve just loved being me. You have no idea how difficult that was before, when almost every day was a complete struggle. So I’m not afraid of saying I’m on meds and talking about how much they help me.

I went back to University for a Masters in teaching. I couldn’t get in last year and decided to try again this one; and I was lucky! I hadn’t realised how much I really loved teaching until I started learning how it’s done. The last week before Christmas break was hell, but even that was worth it for me to be able to shape the younger generations even a little bit.

I met a lot of good people, both online and offline. I consider some of those people to be among my closest friends now. Being able to talk to someone, to tell them I’m not feeling well, to talk through what I’m feeling with them and not being ridiculed because of it? That means the world to me. I’m not giving names, because if you’re reading this, you already know who you are and that I love you. I do want to do a special mention here, for the online friend I had the opportunity of meeting in person this summer: Rain, you know that was the highlight of my summer and one of the best moments of this year.

I discovered something important about myself: I’m asexual. You can read my blogpost about it if you want to know more about what this meant to me.

And last but not least, I wrote a book and signed a contract for it to be published next year. You already know the title: The Sun Still Raises. It’ll be published with Dreamspinner Press and I can’t wait to tell you more things about it. I’m so excited that all of you will be able to read my words and meed my characters!

And that’s all for today. As you can see, this has been a good year for me, but I’ll hope for 2017 to be even better. Happy New Year, readers!


5 thoughts on “My 2016, or a post on new beginnings.

  1. rtmerton

    Laura, you’re amazing and lovely, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have met you in person! 2016 has brought me wonders like you l, so I’m torn in judging it.
    Hope you have a great 2017! ❤❤❤


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