Book Rec: The Centurion’s Choice

I solemny swear I won’t abuse this, but I’d like to bring you a book recommendation here and there. These will be books I’ve loved, for whatever reason, and they won’t be reviews, just – this is getting redundant – recommendations.

So here’s the first of them:

coverIt’s 178 AD, and barbarian tribes once again threaten the borders of the Roman Empire. To make matters worse, Lucius’ promotion in his auxiliary cohort has been denied, and instead the governor has appointed a moody, mean-tempered Roman to become the new centurion of the Septem Gallorum — and, incidentally, to trample all over Lucius’ ambitions.

Tall and burly, with massive shoulders and chest, Centurion Caius Florius Corvus might be way too good-looking for Lucius’ peace of mind, but the man has also made it abundantly clear that he doesn’t trust Lucius as his second in command. But as they are swept into war and each has to shoulder his responsibilities, a reluctant respect begins to grow between them, which soon grows into friendship — and, perhaps, more?

This is a truly well-researchad book set in the Roman era, with a bit of humour and a lovely romance that won’t let you feeling indifferent. Sandra Schwab’s writing shines through its pages, making this a great reading experience.

Go on and get it, and if you don’t like it, you can always blame me 😉


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