FlashFiction Wednesday #2

Hello again! Thank you for visiting – again or for the first time, you’re always welcome here. I’ve got three new stories for you today, from some awesome prompts that were given to me on Twitter. I hope you enjoy them!


Prompt #1 (Lennan Adams)


Every time I went inside the pub, my eyes strayed to that picture on the wall. It was the first thing I’d seen when I finally managed to gather the courage to step inside, and I’d felt at home right then and there. I’d never liked the bars my friends liked spending their time on; there was too much pressure to be something I’m not, to have guys flirting with me and expecting me to flirt back. I’d always known I was different, while my friends smiled and talked with the guys that approached them I was more interested in looking and the bartender and the way her body moved while she did her job. But I’d never been brave enough to admit it, not until I found out that I was not alone, that there were more people like me.

It was a night like any other night. My friends had convinced me to go out even if I would have much preferred staying at home reading a book. But there I was, bored out of my mind while they all flirted with a group of men that had come in after us. Until one of them approached me. I thought he was going to flirt with me, and I’d prepared my best smile to tell him I wasn’t interested when he said, “So, you’ve been dragged here, too.”

It took me by surprise, and I must have made an inquiring sound because next he was answering the question I hadn’t asked. “I’ve seen you looking at the barterder, just like your friends are looking at mine.” I was terrified, and he probably saw it on my face. “Oh, you have nothing to fear. Let’s put it this way, the bouncer is more my type than the bartender is.”

I looked at the bouncer, a muscled and imposing man, and swallowed. “You mean I… we… what?” A lot of thoughts were running around in my head, but I couldn’t put any of them into words. Luckily, my new friend seemed to have a knack for reading them out of my face.

“Yes, I mean you’re not alone, or wrong, or broken, or whatever else you’ve been telling yourself. You’re just you, and there’s nothing wrong with it that I can see.”

I almost cried all over him, and finally managed to talk. We spent all that night speaking, telling each other our stories, our dreams, and he told me about this place where other people like us came to be with their own, a space that was just for them. It took me a while to finally come here and enter, but as soon as I saw the picture on the wall, I knew I was home.

Prompt #2 (Natalie)


He had just saved my life. I didn’t care that the guns were still loaded, I run to give him a hug. I’d never hugged him before, but the situation called for it now. A few seconds ago, I’d been convinced he was going to die, and then he crossed the threshold and stood there, aiming his weapons at my captors, filling up the room as he owned it. Then when one of them had moved his knife towards my neck, he’d fired at him without hesitation. I’d run out of the way as soon as the knife disappeared, escaping the other bad guy, watching how my savior fired at him for good measure, too. And after that I’d run into his his arms, hugging him with all the strength I had left.

It was awkward at first – we’d been on two dates before I was kidnapped and hadn’t done as much as hold hands – but then I felt the guns pressing against my ribs when he returned the hug and I smiled against his shoulder. Everything would be alright.

Prompt #3 (Annie)


He can’t believe he’s dancing. He’s still terrified he’ll end up on the floor, but he’s going to enjoy this dance for as long as it lasts. He looks at his best friend, standing just to the side, holding his cane on her hands just in case he needs it. But he decided months ago that he wouldn’t need it today, not for his first dance as a married man.

They’d been planning the reception when the person helping them looked at his leg, then at his cane and skipped over the dancing all together. That had felt like a slap on the face, and they’d fired here the next day and decided to plan the wedding themselves. He was sure of one thing, he was going to dance with his husband.

They had talked things through and then spoken to his physical therapist, who had recommended them a dancing instructor tha worked with disabled people. They trained hard for this moment, and he can see on the guests’ faces that is payed off.

He knows his then-boyfriend-now-husband would have loved him the same if they hadn’t danced, but this is a moment he’s been dreaming about since he was a small child and played pretend in front of the mirror. He liked to put some music on and dace with one of his stuffed animals, imagining it was a charming prince that had come to tie his life to his.

So he wasn’t going to miss dancing with his husband, and he’s going to enjoy this moment and treasure it forever.


That’s all for today. Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed them (or not!) and come back next week for more. I’m always looking for more prompts, so leave them for me here, or at me on Twitter (@LauraBailo) Have a great week, everyone!


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